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Touring Trips in Georgia

Georgia has a healthy host of historic and scenic attractions with plenty of mountains, coastline, lush forests, and many freshwater bodies for picturesque backdrops and some wonderful motorcycle rides. The state is rich in culture defined by its people, music, history and festivals, and plenty else to keep motorcyclists busy with distinctive amenities. The coastal area of Georgia specializes in windswept beaches, tranquil marshlands, and popular motorcycle ride destinations.

Here at Hellbender Harley-Davidson®, we’re just bonkers over motorcycles, and there’s little better than taking a Harley out for a good ride. Everyone has their favorite routes, but we wanted to share a few here in Georgia that might pique your interest.

Read on for some fun rides, and don’t hesitate to call or come into our Marietta, Georgia location. We’re also proud to serve Woodstock, Macon, Sandy Springs, Columbus, and the greater Atlanta area.

Georgia’s Dragon – The Suches Loop

The Suches Loop is a pleasant day ride from Atlanta with plenty of curves to keep things interesting. This is a rider definable road with multiple segments that offer a scaling difficulty. The scenery is of course spectacular, with the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest all around you. Autumn is made all the better with changing leaves and picturesque views.

This is a challenging ride overall. Georgia 19 is great because it is 2 lanes up the mountain, allowing for very easy passing. 180 is much tougher as it is the width of a driveway with countless blind turns and steep elevation changes. The multiple memorials on the side of the roads are a testament to the challenge that lies before you and a strict warning to ride within your abilities, for your safety and for the safety of those you share the road with.

US Hwy 17 – Darien to Cumberland Island

This route has riders traveling south on US Highway 17 all the way down to Kingsland and then onto St. Marys and Cumberland Island. There’s plenty of scenic marshes and rivers along Highway 17, and at the end of the ride Cumberland Island stands out as a unique sight. This national seashore is described by its National Park Service website as having Pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches and wide marshes. It also goes on to explain that “Cumberland Island contains four major historic districts and 87 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as the oldest known ceramics in North America and shell middens from early natives.” The roads are in good condition and fairly straight, so this is a route best suited for those who are looking for calm riding without a lot of twists and turns.

Northern Georgia Scenic Byway Loop

This route is located 90 miles northeast of Atlanta, off Interstate 85. From the starting point in Helen, you’ll take Route 17 (and Route 356 heading east if you want to visit Unicoi State Park) until you hit Route 180, which then heads west to the town of Choestoe. Route 348 takes you south with great twists and turns until it meets Route 75, which you should take back towards Helen. You’ll travel along a couple different official US Government designated scenic byways on this route, so you know it’s got to be beautiful! Georgia’s tallest mountain and the Chattahoochee National Forest are just two of the great sights to see. The area is hilly, and the forests are thick, with a few waterfalls that punctuate nature’s splendor. The roads are steep, curvy, and in good condition. It’s also great for motorcycles because there isn’t much traffic except for locals.

These are just some of the great motorcycle touring routes here in Georgia. If you have more routes you’d like to share with us at Hellbender Harley-Davidson, feel free to stop by and chat up our staff of knowledgeable and courteous professionals. There’s no better place to buy genuine Harley equipment, accessories, and, of course, motorcycles. Head into our dealership in Marietta, Georgia, where we’re proud to serve Woodstock, Macon, Sandy Springs, Columbus, and the greater Atlanta metro area. Stop by today and learn the true meaning of customer satisfaction!

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