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The New 2018 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles: Eight New Softail Cruisers

Fresh for the fall, Harley-Davidson has dropped their all-new line of Softail cruisers. These 2018 models are light, quick, and loads of fun. And they’re in stock now.

For the 2018 Softail update, Harley-Davidson designers essentially scrapped one of the most iconic chassis in motorcycle history and went back to the drawing board. By revisiting every angle and line on the chassis, they were able to shed pounds of weight, make it 34% stiffer, and and give it enough space to accommodate the Milwaukee-Eight engine, which debuted in 2017. These bikes are a huge leap forward in engineering technology and they’re ready to ride now. Our dealership is located in Marietta, Georgia, near Woodstock, Kennesaw and Atlanta, GA!

Fat Boy® 114

Many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts loved the old version of the Fat Boy for its unique look and powerful engine. It was the classic heavyweight cruiser. With the re-engineered chassis, the Fat Boy 114 drops 31 pounds of weight and picks up 10% more powered as measured by the bike’s 0-60mph time. The best part is that this bike’s futuristic new design allows it to look as good as it rides!


Heritage Classic 114

Some people were born to spend more time on the road, and the Heritage Classic 114 is the bike designed for them. Built with the features of a classic bagger, the Heritage Classic offers plenty of cargo room in its saddlebags and gives you a break from the wind and elements with the windscreen.




The Deluxe is pure fun, both to look at and to ride. Imagine throwing out your schedule and riding out to the beach on this beautiful cruiser. It’s nostalgic design will have gearheads crowding around to see what’s new. The big Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine will give you exceptional performance, too.



Softail Slim®

The Softail Slim celebrates things the simple and pure pleasures of riding. You won’t even miss your music with the beautiful sound of the fully counterbalanced Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine roaring beneath you. And with minimal extra weight, this bike is also scary fast and fun to ride on just about any road, rural or urban.



Breakout® 114

If you want to make it across the line first, you’ll need a bike that’s meant to handle speed. The Breakout 114 is stretched out and slung low for optimal stability. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine brings huge power to the party. An extra wide rear wheel helps to provide more traction, whether you’re braking or accelerating.



Fat Bob® 114

The Fat Bob 114 has no imitators because it’s a truly unique, fresh bike. This bike is tough and ready for action, with primer gray paint, massive, aggressively treaded wheels, and a burly frame that can handle anything you throw at it. That includes tight corners and curves, because the Fat Bob is easy to ride hard.



Street Bob®

The Street Bob is a muscle bike that’s meant for the modern rider. It’s scary fast and turns like a dream. A more athletic riding position comes from mid-mount controls and mini-ape handlebars, which, in combination with more extreme lean angles, give this bike excellent rideability.



Low Rider®

The Low Rider is one of the three bikes to migrate from the Dyna to the Softail frame, and it shows what a great decision that was for the designers to make. You haven’t felt performance like this before. The stiffer frame makes a huge difference when you’re banking hard through corners, and the new suspension helps to keep power in the back and control in front. It’s an amazing achievement for motorcycle design.


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