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The All-New 2019 Harley-Davidson® FXDR™ 114

Here comes an all-new Harley-Davidson Softail, the FXDR™ 114! Harley has taken everything there is to love about the legendary Softail® family and merged all the best parts into a slick, powerful motorcycle that leaves nothing behind. This bike has been designed from the road up to be the pinnacle of the Harley experience, so strap on your road leathers and get ready to blast past lesser bikes on the new FXDR™. Aggressive attitude, classic style, and modern tech come together to move you in a way you never thought possible.

At Hellbender Harley-Davidson®, we’re happy to bring our customers a first look at the all-new Harley-Davidson® FXDR™ 114. Keep reading for more information on this great new bike or head into our showroom in Marietta, GA for a closer look!

Performance and Power

At the heart of every FXDR™ sits a beefy Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin, the largest engine available for the Softail family. The large displacement engine offers up unbelieveable torque and the power to accelerate your expectations. Experience the joy of on-demand power every time you hit the throttle, whether you’re gunning it from the line, hitting an entrance ramp with anticipation for freeway speed, or blasting pass slower traffic.

The FXDR™ 114 gives you the power you want when you need it most, but it also offers the classic sound of Harley’s air-cooled engines. With a bold 2-1-2 exhaust, you’ll let loose the soul-satisfying roar of the Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin. That means one thing: superior performance that excites the senses and leaves riders in a state of pure delight.

Easy Riding and Smooth Handling

When Harley puts out a new model, you know they’ve gone above and beyond to make it the very best it can be. The FXDR™ is no exception. With inspiration taken from the Screamin’ Eagle® NHRA drag bikes, the FXDR™ employs a new air intake system that’s been shaped to promote airflow to the already-impressive Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. This take on the Screamin’ Eagle® Heavy Breather has an exposed, forward-facing filter element that improves air flow and looks good to boot!

An inverted racing-style fork uses innovative single-cartridge design to keep the front wheel on the pavement, meaning improved braking and handling wherever you go. The Harley FXDR™ 114 also has a monoshock rear suspension that features a single coil-over-shock with emulsion technology for an even smoother. An optimized angle between the frame and swingarm allows enhanced travel and response time, meaning riders get the smoothest Softail ride yet. This bike’s stellar suspension gives you seamless handling that inspires superior riding confidence.

Sleek, Modern, and Lightweight

Harley-Davidson has totally redesigned their Softail chassis to give the FXDR™ even more agility and handling performance. Edge out the competition with a bike that’s been shaped with purpose! Several alloy and composite materials have been used to forge a new chassis that’s lighter and more flexible while still able to handle the powerful output of the Milwaukee-Eight powertrain.

Stretched across the FXDR™ is a sleek fuel tank that complete the signature Softail profile. Finishing touches come from a bunch of great additional features and modern amenities to make this bike a true easy rider. LED Daymaker™ headlamp, rear light, and turn signals light up the road and give you and other motorists extra visibility, while a set of modern gauges and controls make the controls easy to read and react to. Digital riser gauges, keyless ignition, and much more are available on the FXDR™ 114!

Live on the edge while pushing the envelope with the all-new 2019 FXDR™ 114 from Harley-Davidson. With powerful performance, smooth handling, and a classic style, you’ll have fun at your fingertips. Hurry into Hellbender Harley-Davidson® today in Marietta, GA for your chance to check out the new Harley-Davidson® 2019 FXDR™ 114!

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