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The All-New 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide®

Harley-Davidson is rolling out a brand new bike starting this fall, the all-new 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide. This brand new bike features a brand new engine, superior performance, and extra smooth style. It’s also the perfect blend of a commuting and touring bike. It’s got the sleek, lightweight ride of a cruiser and the power and endurance of a bike you’d want for your next road trip. Hellbender Harley-Davidson has the Sport Glide in stock now and, trust us, once you get on, you won’t want to get off. Stop by and have a look for yourself, today. We’re located in Marietta, Georgia, proudly serving the areas of Atlanta, Woodstock, and Kennesaw, GA.

Redesigned Softail Frame

The Harley-Davidson community favorite Softail frame is getting a few new upgrades with the Sport Glide. The Softail is a crowd favorite, because of the singular Softail hidden monoshock rear suspension, giving you clean lines and exceptional handling. But the new Sport Glide takes all this to the next level. The Sport Glide features a frame that 34% stiffer and much, much lighter. This means you’ll get a more responsive ride that takes harder lines with more severe angles like a pro, all while keeping you in control of the bike. And because this is one of the lightest Softails yet but still includes high performance suspension, you’ll be able to bring along all that extra cargo for when you’re touring and still have a smooth, easy to handle ride.

Milwaukee-Eight Engine

And a promise is a promise. The Sport Glide includes a brand new engine, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. This is the accumulation of over a century of Harley-Davidson engineering and experience, which means you’re only getting the best of the best. Just try it out for a moment and you’ll know right away what all the hype is about. You’ll get incredible torque and a faster 0-60 mph and 60-80 mph from this electronically fuel injected V-Twin engine. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine has also been slimmed down to fit inside the sleeker frame of the Sport Glide. It’s also completely counter-balanced, which means you’ll have minimal vibration and save you from a little whiplash.

Touring Ready

We mentioned that this bike is made for both commuting and touring, right? That’s because we know the modern lifestyle needs to more versatile, so Harley-Davidson has built a bike that fits your versatility perfectly. The lighter weight makes it more agile and easier to handle on those long stretches on the freeway, while still maintaining a sleek, cruiser look. The ride gets smoother still with the mini fairing and low-vibration Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. You’ll also get removable hard-side locking saddlebags. These not only keep your luggage stowed away and safe, but their removability, along with the removability of the mini-fairings, make it easier to take off the extra bulk for commuting. Or leave it on if you need a little extra storage space for work clothes or groceries. Whatever you want, the Sport Glide will give you.

Technology with Style

The fun doesn’t end there. You’ll also get some of the latest in motorcycle technology, including the LED forward-lighting system and keyless ignition. And the Sport Glide is topped off with some of our best styling choices, including a blacked out Milwaukee-Eighth 107 engine, Mantis cast aluminum wheels, and blacked out mufflers with sharp exhaust pipes, giving you a sleek, strong look.

The Sport Glide is Harley-Davidson’s latest masterpiece in a long line of superior bikes. Whether you need a commuter bike, a touring bike, or the bike that will switch back and forth with ease, the Sport Glide will deliver what you’re looking for. And here at Hellbender Harley-Davidson, we’ve got it in stock for you to view and test out. Stop by our location in Marietta, Georgia, serving Atlanta, Woodstock, and Kennesaw, GA.

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