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Softail Motorcycles by Harley-Davidson

When you’re looking to build an iconic motorcycle, classic design is a good place to start. But truly iconic motorcycles don’t just look good, so you’ll want to add modern performance capabilities and some groundbreaking new components. With it’s initial release in 1983, that’s exactly what the Softail by Harley-Davidson accomplished. The nostalgic design brought for images of the company’s most memorable cruisers. And thanks to a hidden rear suspension system and a powerful air-cooled engine, the Softail achieved a level of performance and style never seen before. Today’s line of Softail motorcycles still captures this unique dynamic. Here at Hellbender Harley-Davidson, we carry the latest from Harley, including the Softail. Located in Marietta, Georgia, we’re near Atlanta and proudly serve the areas of Smyrna, Kennesaw, and Sandy Springs. Give us a call or stop by today!

Softail Slim

The Softail Slim is the bike of choice for those who want all the power of a Harley-Cruiser but in a slightly smaller package. Lower, narrower, and more compact, this bike is a great mid-sized addition to the Softail lineup. The lower seat offers confident planting at stops, as well as easy mounting and dismounting. The Hollywood handlebars give a cool look with excellent riding dynamics, and the cat eye console puts all of your need gauges in one sleek, easy to read package. The bike also gets a powerful High Output Twin Cam 103B engine that lays down all the power you crave. On top of that, ABS comes standard to keep the bike in control, and the classic Softail hidden suspension gives the bike a comfortable ride with hairpin handling capabilities. For those who like the classic bobber style of motorcycle, the Softail Slim revs hard and looks great.

Softail Fat Boy

Where the Softail Slim brings things in close to the frame and down to the ground, the Fat Boy lets it all hang out with bigger handle bars, bigger wheels, and a bigger rear end assembly. All of this contributes to a brawny look that launches off the line like a offensive lineman. Chrome solid disc wheels are one of the bike’s most distinctive features, and their radial shine sticks with you letting you know that you’re really looking at an original Fat Boy. The wave fenders in the front and rear give the bike a masculine but refined look and up front, large chrome forks lead up to a bigger chrome nacelle and headlamp. The classic styling even extends to the horseshoe oil tank, nostalgic Harley-Davidson gas tank emblem, and even the axle nut covers extend the look. Like many bikes in the Softail line, the Fat Boy builds power from its air-cooled, 45 degree V-Twin engine, which offers 103 cubic inches of cylinder displacement tuned to produce incredible torque and efficiency while maintaining a counterbalanced design that doesn’t rattle your arms off. Never a company to run short on the details, Harley went with Dunlop rubber for the wheels to give high-end fuel efficiency in addition to great traction and longevity. The Fat Boy makes a statement wherever it goes, and it’s classic style always draws envious looks.

Softail Deluxe

Certain styles never get old. A great leather jacket, a sturdy pair of blue jeans, and the classic look of a Softail Deluxe are among them. This bike invokes the look of those old-school cruisers that cut down the highways through the 1950s and 1960s. Whitewall tires wrap around chrome wire spoke wheels, which all sit below wrapped and flared custom-style fenders. Details abound on this bike, from its three-light headlamp set up, to it’s embossed leather seat and pull back handlebars. Half moon footboards give a sturdy platform for digging into when you corner or launch off the line, and the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine makes sure you have plenty of power when you do. The Softail Deluxe channels decades of classic Harley cruisers into one unforgettable new bike.

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