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Riding with a Passenger

Make your motorcycle rides even better by bringing along a passenger! Two-up riding is a great way to get more out of a trip. You’ll get navigation assistance and a buddy to explore your destination with. But there are some crucial steps you’ll need to take first to ensure a safe experience. We gathered up the top tips for two-up rider safety below. For all your motorcycle needs, visit Hellbender Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gear for the Passenger

Rider safety starts with wearing the proper gear. The open road presents its hazards and your passenger needs to take the proper precautions. Anything you wear to stay safe, they should wear too. Do an inventory of what your passenger owns and any extra equipment you own. Then you’ll need to buy or borrow whatever is left.

They’ll need a helmet, of course, and it’s crucial that it fits well! It’s tempting to borrow an ill-fitting helmet because it’s free. But if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t provide the necessary protection during a crash. Try to get them a full-face helmet since it offers the best protection.

If the helmet lacks a face shield, they’ll need a form of eye protection. Goggles or sunglasses work great.

Then they’ll need the proper clothing. It must shield their skin from the elements and in the event of a crash, so full-length clothing is the way to go. They may want to bring waterproof outerwear in case it starts to drizzle.

Preparing Your Motorcycle

A second key aspect of rider safety is making sure your motorcycle is running smoothly. You don’t want to uncover a maintenance issue while traveling at top speeds down the highway! Conduct a pre-ride inspection to ensure your bike is ready to handle the journey. Top off any low fluids. Measure your tire pressure and tread to ensure it’s up to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Confirm that your vehicle can handle the extra weight of another passenger and make any adjustments to your suspension that you need.

Preparing Your Passenger

Your next step is to get your passenger ready for the ride. Review the basics of rider safety, such as how safe turning, braking, and accelerating works. Let them know what you’ll need from them as you drive.

If your passenger has never been on a motorcycle before, you may want to take a test ride around the block first. It’ll help remove the mystery of riding for them, which can help them feel more at ease.

You’ll also want to coordinate a way to communicate with each other during the ride. The road is too loud to use verbal signals. Come up with a method of hand signals or taps to signify things such as slow down, pull over, I need a bathroom, and so on. You can Google signals or come up with your own.

Safe Two-Up Riding Practices

The extra weight of the passenger can affect how your motorcycle handles. It may turn, brake, or accelerate differently. It’s another reason why a test ride can be helpful. You can work out the kinks in a low-traffic neighborhood. When you hit the highway, leave plenty of space between you and other motorists. Be cautious when you change directions or speeds. Use all the defensive driving tactics to enjoy a safe (and fun) ride!

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