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Performance Parts & Upgrades from Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle®

Every Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from the new 2017 lineup features some of the most innovative designs and dominant components that you’ll ever find on a motorcycle. They’ve got more power, better comfort, and unique styles—the three most important aspects for any rider—but if you want to amplify these even more, look to the equally pristine Screamin’ Eagle® custom upgrades. Whether you want to boost your performance or change the feel of your bike, these performance parts will take your Harley® to the next level. Read on if you want to learn more about each individual upgrade, or just come into our dealership and talk to some of our specialists at Hellbender HD®. We’re excited about these new products, and we know you will be too when you see them in action. Our dealership is in Marietta, GA, where we proudly serve riders from Atlanta, Georgia.

Street Cannon Exhaust

Better exhaust disposal means more room for power in that Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, so the Screamin’ Eagle® Street Cannon Exhaust increases the performance flow on your Harley-Davidson®. These new upgrades come in various styles, including chrome finished looks or more blacked out, Dark Custom designs. They also pair nicely with 3.25” endcaps and a heat shield, which work together to add that extra layer of intensity that every rider craves in a bike. Keep in mind though, with all the different types of Harley-Davidson®s out there, we strongly recommend that you come talk to us at our dealership before ordering one of these parts. We’ll help you find the upgrade that’s just the right fit for your bike.

Fully Adjustable Piggyback Shock

Performance isn’t the only thing you can boost with a new Screamin’ Eagle® part. In fact, the Piggyback Shock performance upgrade both improves the driveability of your bike and the comfort. With this component, you can preload the suspension, which means that you get to ride as smooth or as rough as you want to. Not to mention, there’s also a significant improvement to your style with the Piggyback Shocks, as they come with anodized preload adjusters to highlight one of the coolest parts of your bike, while a blacked out canister also emphasizes your intensity on the road.

Milwaukee-Eight™ Stage III Upgrade Kit

Many riders want just one thing from their Harley-Davidson®—more power—and with the Screamin’ Eagle® Stage III Upgrade Kit, you’ll see more torque and horsepower than you’ll know what to do with. Even when riding with fully loaded saddlebags and a passenger, the Stage III Upgrade will make your bike feel like you’re riding solo, with all the responsive thrust you expect when riding alone. It brings a 107 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, which is already extremely strong, to a dominant 117 cubic inches. That translates to a 39% increase in power. Considering that a Milwaukee-Eight™ already gets up to 110 ft.lbs of torque on some models, that extra boost will make a big difference. For making your touring motorcycle or any other model the most dominant vehicle on the road, consider upgrading with the Stage III torque kit from Screamin’ Eagle®.

It’s pretty hard to pass up such a great opportunity for boosting performance, style, and feel. The Screamin’ Eagle® custom upgrades will truly put your Harley® into a class of its own, so consider coming into our dealership to get one or all of these parts installed onto your bike. At Hellbender HD®, we’d love to help you improve every dimension of your ride, so stop by our dealership to learn more about these products. We’re in Marietta, GA, where we serve customers from Sandy Springs, Macon, and Columbus, GA.

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