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Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Harley-Davidson® motorcycles give you the freedom to express both your style and your passion for riding. However, this freedom needs to be exercised with great responsibility to ensure your safety. You also need to do your part to protect those around you. On the road, there are many potential hazards that you can only avoid by riding skilfully and staying vigilant.

As a proud Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner, you should know the basics of safe motorcycle riding. Here at Hellbender Harley-Davidson®, we want to make sure every rider is set up for success. That’s why we’ve provided this list of motorcycle riding safety tips! Read them below, then come visit our Marietta dealership if you have any questions.

Check The Weather Before You Ride

Staying aware of weather conditions will allow you to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. During the summer, you’ll need to plan around hot temperatures by wearing lighter gear that’s still protective, staying hydrated and taking frequent breaks in the shade. You may also need to worry about sudden strong storms or even tornadoes, depending on where you are. During fall and winter, the cold will mean you need to bundle up and wear layers to stay warm. Icy conditions can make roads dangerous or even impassable, while snow can prevent you from going anywhere at all. Rainy weather requires waterproof gear. Being prepared for all weather conditions means you won’t be caught off-guard.

Wear The Right Gear

Safe riding gear is essential to motorcycle safety, whether you’re riding a short distance through town or taking a long journey over several states. A breathable riding jackets, durable pants, a DOT-rated helmet with face mask, gloves with good grip and ankle-high sturdy boots are all essential pieces of gear. Harley-Davidson® makes quality motorcycle apparel and gear if you’re in search of great motorcycle accessories!

 Inspect Your Motorcycle

You’re trusting your life to your motorcycle every time you sit astride it. We recommend that you take a few minutes to inspect your motorcycle before every ride. Start with the tires, checking the tire pressure and inflating them to the correct pressure. A tire pressure gauge can help you with this. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn the appropriate pressure for your tires. Look for embedded objects and worn patches that may need repairs. Next, check the brake fluid, oil, and coolant, topping them off or changing them out, if necessary. Finally, inspect your other components, searching for loose bolts or leaks. Make sure all your lights and signals function properly.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Remember, your Harley motorcycle isn’t as big as a passenger vehicle, so other drivers will have more difficulty seeing you. Staying focused while you ride is a major part of motorcycle safety. Always be alert and pay attention, especially at intersections, while merging onto the highway, or even riding on a long, straight stretch where other drivers are liable to become distracted or fatigued. Keep your eyes moving so you don’t lose track of what’s in your periphery. It’s unwise to consume alcohol or drugs because intoxication impedes your focus and hinders your safety, making you much more vulnerable to an accident.

If you need riding gear, accessories for your Harley motorcycle, or parts and repairs, stop by the Hellbender H-D dealership in Marietta, Georgia. We proudly serve the greater Atlanta area, as well as the cities of Sandy Springs, Macon and Columbus, Georgia.

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