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Customize your Sportster®

The Sportster® is one of Harley-Davidson® most popular and beloved models and a big favorite among new riders. It’s a little easier to handle and not quite as big as some of the other models. Not to mention it comes with all the benefits of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, including lots of customization options, something that Harley-Davidson® bikes are widely known for. But if you’re a new rider, or if you’ve never upgraded your motorcycle before, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the options. How does anybody choose which upgrade is right for their bike or even where to start looking?

Consider some basic differences between the upgrades, which can be divided into three basic groups: ergonomic upgrades, performance upgrades, and style upgrades. To help narrow the field down even more, Hellbender Harley-Davidson® has provided some specific upgrades you can make to your bike for each group. If you’d like to get the process started, then schedule a service appointment at one of our locations in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia. We also serve Woodstock, Georgia.

Upgrades to Fit your Size

For the ergonomic upgrades, let’s focus on size. Generally, when any bike rolls out of the Harley-Davidson® factory, it’s on a one size fits all basis. This is just fine for some riders, but others may have trouble controlling their bike or feeling comfortable if the bike’s size isn’t quite right. If you find you’re too tall for your Sportster®, consider the Tallboy setup. This can include the Tallboy seat, which raises you up so your knees don’t hit your chest, as well as the Tallboy Handlebars to give you some room to stretch out. You can even throw in the foot peg extender to relax the lower half of your body while you’re riding.

If you find the bike is too big for you, you might be more interested in some of the Super Reach features, such as the Super Reach Solo Seat to bring you closer to the ground. You can also get the Reach Handlebars so you can stay confidently in control of your bike.

Performance Upgrades

To satisfy the inner gearhead in you, consider looking into the performance upgrades. Some of the best Harley-Davidson® aftermarket parts come from Screamin’ Eagle®. Take the Screamin’ Eagle® Buckshot Exhaust for example. It’s the perfect upgrade to boost performance and, in nickel, chrome, and flat black models, it also adds a style boost to your ride. If you’re looking for a way to improve power and efficiency, try out the Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit or you might want the big bore cylinder upgrade kit to increase power and torque.

Want a lower profile to change the way your ride handles? Check out the Two-Up Profile Low Rear Shock Kit, which also comes with an added style boost. The Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit also gets you a low profile look with a high-performance standard. Even your tires can be upgraded to improve your ride’s performance if you need to adjust traction levels.

Style Upgrades

And now for the upgrades everyone can get behind: the style upgrades. We highly recommend finding parts that work together overall. Consider if you want a chopper look. You’ll probably want old-school ape hanger handlebars and a chrome Fat X 5-Spoke Wheel. For a more modern, cruiser look, you’ll probably want a combination of the Sportster® Clubman Handlebars, the Signature Series Solo Seat (with backrest and ergonomic shape), and a larger tank for better fuel efficiency and a cooler style.

There are also a lot of individual style changes you can make that have nothing to do with an overall look. Remember the seats we mentioned earlier? They don’t just have to be about what makes you more comfortable. The Super Reach Solo Seat can lower you closer to the ground. The Solid Fat Boy® Rear Wheel is great for a heftier touch to the ride while getting a smaller gas tank can take some of that extra muscle off your ride. With all these options, you’ll want to take a look at both the style kits and the individual pieces to see what you like best.

So maybe you’re now excited about putting it all on your bike and right back where you started. So the best way to figure out where to start is to talk with one of our experienced professionals at Hellbender Harley-Davidson® about what you already like about your bike and what you think you’re missing and they’ll help you better narrow things down. They can also help you choose the perfect bike if you’re still looking. Either way, make sure you stop by one of our locations in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia, near Woodstock.

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